Donate Stock

With a gift of appreciated stock or securities, you can put your love into action to end hunger and homelessness AND receive a significant federal tax break.

Your Benefits:

  • Gift is tax-deductible
  • No capital gains taxes to pay
  • Your gift will change lives!

Information You Need to Donate Stock
to the Rescue Mission:

  • Legal Name: Rescue Mission Alliance Inc
  • Account Name: Rescue Mission Alliance Inc
  • Account Held: Morgan Stanley
  • Account Number: 621-051230-0-315
  • Tax ID: 15-0532146
  • DTC: 0015



If you’re looking for more information about donating securities, or to notify the Rescue Mission of a stock transfer, please contact Mackenzie Naum, Director of Major Gifts at 315-701-3853 or via email at