Excellus BlueCross BlueShield Grant Funds AED Purchase

Thanks to a grant from Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, the Rescue Mission Alliance will purchase an AED for the new Runaway and Homeless Youth Shelter, along with purchasing puncture-proof gloves for use by program staff and staff at our Thrifty Shopper locations.

More than 350,000 cardiac arrests occur outside of hospitals every year, according to the American Heart Association. Roughly 90 percent of the victims die. These deaths are preventable if a bystander has quick access to and training in the use of an AED. When used quickly and properly, an AED greatly increases the rate of survival for a cardiac arrest victim. The Rescue Mission has AEDs located at their other program facilities, and this grant allows the Mission to place an AED at the new Runaway and Homeless Youth Shelter. The shelter will serve children ages 12 to 17 years old. The Rescue Mission aims to be prepared when an emergency occurs.

This grant also allows the Rescue Mission to purchase pairs of puncture-resistant gloves for use by our staff to keep clients, volunteers and employees safe when they discover and need to dispose of used needles and syringes.

Puncture-resistant gloves can greatly limit the chances of someone being exposed to blood-borne disease, such as Hepatitis B and C and HIV. Needles and syringes, also referred to as sharps, are used both by people who need to manage personal health issues and illegal drug users. Regardless of who uses the sharps, improper disposal creates a danger of accidental needle stick for our clients, volunteers and staff. With proper equipment to dispose of sharps, that danger can be reduced.