Dave Baim Joins Rescue Mission Board of Directors

Dave Baim has joined the Rescue Mission Board of Directors. He is excited to add value to an already amazing organization.

In his 34 years with Wegmans, Dave has played a key role in 10 of Wegmans stores, most of which are a part of the Syracuse Division. From opening stores, to leading efforts like Instacart, diversity training and performance improvement Dave is a key leader on the Wegmans management team.

Dave is currently the manager at Taft Road, Liverpool. While he currently resides in Syracuse, Dave is a native of Auburn. He proudly refers to himself as an “Auburnian”!

Dave is the father of four children, two boys and two girls, ages ranging from 24 to 17. He is also excited to be a new grandfather to a healthy little granddaughter named Kennedy Grace, expected this summer.

While Dave loves to play piano, by ear, he has always had a passion for landscaping. In fact, he thought that would be his career path before starting at Wegmans. He has a strong eye for design and is often credited for being one of the best store merchandisers within the Wegmans team.